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My projects

Nic O Las

Made for BBC Radio 4's Short Cuts, for their episode Action! A wild ride into absurdity, it's the result of feeding prompts into an AI script generator for a Nic Cage movie, making a few editorial cuts and adding sound design.


Space Rocks

I produced and hosted the first season of UCL's flagship series, Made At UCL. This extract is about the hunt for space rocks right here on Earth.

The series won a CASE Circle of Excellence Award, with the judges writing:

"It has a lovely mix of both interview and storytelling. The use of music and sound effects really propel the story. The host is wonderful. She’s obviously interested in her subjects and each topic, is well-researched, and is incredibly engaging."


Mr Rosenberg

Another extract from Made at UCL, which takes us back in time. You can listen to all of season 1 here

Roll of Honour. Isaac Rosenberg.jpg

Suzie and Daddy

This was my first ever audio piece, made while studying radio documentary with Isis Thompson at UCL. 

It's a very personal piece, made with archive tape of me and my dad when I was 4 years old. Note that this piece is quite a raw listen and explores grief.

Suzie and daddy.png

Walking Clay

I met with Elder and Faith Keeper Ka'nasohon Kevin Deer from Kanahwake, Mohawk Territory. In this piece, Ka'nahsohon shares his history, dreams, fears, hopes, warnings and wisdom.


Call Me Mother

Made for BBC Radio 4's Short Cuts, for their episode Motherhood. Featuring the fabulous Raven Mandella, Mother of the Legendary House of Mandella.


Green Lit

Green Lit is a home for donated audio that needs a place to stay. It's an uncurated collection of work where literally anything goes! It's my podcast passion project, born out of a need for a place to put my own audio oddities and outcasts. 

You can donate to Green Lit by emailing me! or subscribe here

Green (1).png

Who Feeds Us?

I work as a guest editor and producer for award-winning series, Farmerama. In 2020, we produced the mini series "Who Feeds Us?" Here, we hear from Ursula, who responded to the pandemic by opening a food pharmacy. Note that this extract contains references to abuse and suicide. 

You can listen to the full series, and other Farmerama episodes here.

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