Hello, I’m Suzie. I’m a radio/podcast/audio producer based in Hertfordshire UK. I live with an old-man cat, not far from Luton, where we enjoy the sounds of planes coming in to land.

I graduated from UCL in 2018 in BASc Arts and Sciences. It was a wonderful course for somebody with an interest in everything, covering topics from romantic literature and video game studies to field ecology and data visualisation. Most importantly, I studied documentary radio with documentary maker Isis Thompson, which opened my ears to the joy of audio. Sound is an intimate medium, inviting us to connect with other's stories. I want to make audio that brings people together and sparks positive change in the world.


Following graduation, I took two further audio courses with Cathy Fitzgerald, Jez Riley French and Mike Woolley at Strange and Charmed radio school. These courses covered field recording and sound design, introducing me to contact mics, pitch shifting and much more.

I am always on the hunt for stories that touch the heart, and for sounds that make the air shimmer. Working for numerous clients allows me to keep learning about the world by listening to as many voices as I can get my ears on.

Get in touch

I'd love to hear from you

Get in touch

I'd love to hear from you

(+44) 07400500280

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